As the multi-site movement continues to expand, many significant themes and opportunities are developing across churches. Whether you are currently multi-site or considering multi-site, this event will help you identify ways to maximize your impact and results. Join Geoff Surratt author of the Multi-site Road Trip for a Guided Tour of Movement and see how it's changing the future of the church. Experience the revolution for yourself and see why it has become the “new normal” for growing churches.

Geoff will spend time on four major areas of focus

Method – We will help you identify the right model and method that best fit your context and story.

Launch – We will help you develop and implement a customized strategy to launch with clarity and success

Choice – We will help you find success by assessing and developing the right Campus Pastor for your multi-site model and strategy

Practices – We will help you identify and plan your road to success and navigate you to your preferable future.

We will also be joined by a panel of Campus Pastors that represent different multi-site models as we learn from their expertise and experiences.

Kevin Nguyen  -  Saddleback Church  -  Video teaching & Multicultural

Caleb Anderson  -  Mariners Church  -  Live teaching & City focus

Jay Hewitt  -  Friends Church  -  Campus to plant